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Sunday, April 3, 2011 19:02
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I’ve talked to many folks who would never pay for a premium wordpress theme. And why should they? There are literally thousands upon thousands of free wordpress themes out there. But if you have built enough sites like I have, you will learn to appreciate the power of different premium WordPress themes.

For one, many of them look really nice and polished. For some types of sites, this is a must. You want to have a professional looking site, and many of the best wordpress themes were designed by expert designers. So you get the benefit of their design and typography skills to ensure the best possible looking site.

Many premium wordpress themes can’t even be considered standalone themes. Instead, I would call them wordpress theme frameworks because they are so customizable. Basically, you can essentially use these frameworks to create any sort of design you desire. For some themes, this might require a little bit of coding. For others, all customization can be done within the theme’s control panel. It really is amazing to see what you can do with these premium themes these days.

On the PPC side of things, I’m looking for wordpress themes that make it easy to create sales pages, landing pages and squeeze pages. There are quite a few premium wordpress themes that fit the bill for this.


OptimizePress – This theme by James Dyson is one of my favorite wordpress themes for PPC marketers. OptimizePress makes it extremely simple to setup great looking landing pages and squeeze pages. It comes with some great looking graphics and templates, and you can build pages that look exactly like the typical guru product launch pages. You can set a template for each page you create, and you insert various elements like headers, bullets, testimonials and more using the special OptimizePress shortcodes. Once you get used to how it works, it is really quite simple to use.

Affiliate Theme

Affiliate Theme – This theme has been out for awhile now, but it’s decent theme for create affiliate pages really quickly. If you wanted to create your own Ringtone theme for example, Affiliate Theme has a decent looking template for that. Most of the customizations for this theme can be done through it’s extensive control panel of theme options.

Thesis Theme

Thesis Theme – This is one of the cooler theme frameworks out there. Unlike OptimizePress, which is more suited for a certain set of sites, Thesis is more general purpose premium wordpress theme. Sure, you can create landing pages with it if you like, but you can also use it for many different blog designs as well. It’s highly customizable, and SEO ready out of the box. You do have to get your hands dirty if you want to do more complicated designs, but once you master the Thesis hooks concept, it really isn’t too difficult.

These are three of the best wordpress themes around that I’ve tried. Let me know what your favorite wordpress themes are in the comments below.

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